Tuesday, May 24, 2016

So, where has time gone?? I don't even know if people still read blogs as such or do people just post on Facebook and Instagram these days?? Life is crazy and changes at a blink of an eye.  It has been over 14  months since I have had access to my sewing machine, (running away from home will do that). and thus no sewing and creating has been done.  I am getting to the point where I need to start creating again.... hand sewing a teddy bear and trying to get into drawing, just isn't quite enough.  I have been slowly buying patterns and have a small stash of fabric..... and I mean small lol in the anticipation of a new sewing machine in the near future. I have great ideas and desires to create toys and table runners, baby shoes and cushions with the hope of setting up a stall at one of the local markets up here in the beautiful Cairns area.

Friday, May 18, 2012

How about some more aprons????

fabric chosen

pattern selected

and completed... this one was for more SIL Renae.... have a pic of my sons Girlfriend, Daisy modelling it, but for some reason I can not upload it?????

I bought this fbric from work (I work at Spotlight) with my young nephew in mind..... hmmmm, now what to make........

How bout an apron???   LOL! My nephew Mason had spent a week painting his new bed which his father was making him.... an awesome firetruck bed..... but he had to paint in his jocks and singlet so he wouldnt soil his clothes.... LOL. So I had to make him an art smock.....

Then my nephew TJ also needed an apron, as he is a bit older he got a proper apron, as he likes helping his mum in the kitchen...... Then, my brother asked why he didn't have an apron???? So.....
He got one to match.... LOL

Here is another project I worked on... this one was for my sisters birthday in December.... any ideas????
these may just give it away....
not the best photo, but here is my sister's cow...... lol. she turned out so well, cant remember the designer, but it wa a kit that I had bought about 5 yrs ago and it took my this long to make her....She was well received by my beautiful sister xxx Love you Gem. xxx

well, obviously I am not real good at blogging..... trying to think what have I made since last time I was on here.... I know I have made a few aprons, but as I have been working lots, I really havent done much else..... sad really, isnt it??!!
Here is my beautiful daughter Amy modelling the apron I made her from a panel bought from spotlight late last year.... love the owls......

And again, Amy modelling the apron I made for my secret Santa gift at work..... I really liked this one and almost didnt give it to AnnaBel.... lol. I love the colours. The straps and frill are pink with white polka dots..... CUTE!
I also made a couple of puppy dogs..... Flora on the right was made for a friend to give to his Mum for her birthday early this year. And Hooter on the left was given to my MIL for her birthday last month. They were both well received. :-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, so much for being regular at blogging.... I am so NOT good at this. It certainly doesnt help when you have a husband who gets shitty everytime I look at the computer of everytime i pick up the iphone..... can I blog from my iphone?? That is something i have not tried or thought about before.
I dont know if I will be any more succesful this time around, but it is really only me who it bothers... I dont expect anyone would be interested in what i have to say anyways.
Do people put on blogs the dramas of life? I am, at the moment going through some stuff that I wonder if I write about it, it will be clearer in my head and then I think no, it is too personal to put up out here...... maybe i need another blog that is annonymous that no one knows me, but that I can write everything on???? HMMMM maybe an option......

This year, so far, I have started cleaning out some rubbish from my cupboards and hope to continue clearing out anything in my life that doesnt make me happy..... "If it doesn't bring a smile.... I will throw it a mile......"

OK, this is the first of hopefully MANY posts for the year 2012........

Friday, September 2, 2011

I have not been good with keeping blogging....

I made a new years resolution.. that I would keep regu;ar updates on my blog..... who knewresolutions were a joke!!!!... LOL.
Well, I need to make a commitment to me now. Not just to blog, but blog about more than my crafts. I dont get alot of time to craft at the moment, and have been feeling pretty shitty about a lot of things. Maybe I will use my blog for useless rants that get me motivated and clear my mind of negativity. I dont care that it wont be ready by anyone.... I will feel more accountable to do things if I have blogged about it...
First thing I want to do, is concentrate on losing 5 - 10 kgs and toning up again. I felt so good about so many things when I arrived in Adelaide and was a mere size10 and 65kgs. Ok, I am now at 73kgs and NEED to get rid of some of this that is making me feel awful. Clothes are all feeling tight, need to get new shirts for work if I dont lose a couple quick.
This week, as today is my 17th wedding anniversary, and tomorrow is fathers day, I wont commit to start until Monday as I know the weekend will be full of drinks and temptation.
So, Monday alarm is already set for 6am...... treadmill will be my first port of call, followed by maybe some skipping, if I can find my rope. Michelle Bridges books are out, shopping list has been written.... all systems go!!