Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother In Laws birthday present.... only a couple days late.

Well, I was at a loss about what to give my Mother In Law for her birthday this year, but as she has started candlewicking and will need a project carrier for her travelling, I thought one of these keepers would be perfect.
Ok, it was a last minute decision, and her birthday was last Sunday, and I havent yet given it to her....but it is done now! So, I will deliver it to her shortly and hopefully, she will like it. I found the link for this project on my good friend Khristina's freebie blog , it will send you to All Things Vintage blogspot.

Although this picture isnt real clear, I put a yoyo in one end of a post tube, this way the lid will be able to be opened and threads and needles may be able to be stored in side the tube for the relevant project. The opposite end is a pin cushion, which is always useful.
I woke Sunday morning and was like a woman possessed,.... I had made a decision in my sleep and I was making this stitchery keeper. Then the realisation that it needed to be completed by 11.30am.... well, you guessed it, I had to give a IOU.... Shame on me... LOL. But, I made a start and as a bonus, I had ALL the supplies here in my stash, so I didnt even have to go buy anything new. I love it when I have the perfect "stuff" at hand. I got it basically done, well cut out and quilted by 11.30 Sunday, but finally finished it off by gluing in the yoyo and pincushion this morning... yay!!!!!! Okay, off to deliver it now.

Okay, now what will I be making next??? Oh I do believe I am ready to make another 'artsy fartsy' doll now.... LOL.. It has been a while.

My little cat family.

Ok, here are the cat family I am working on at the moment.... has been a week or two now. All I need to do is paint the back of the mumma cat and give them all faces..... Faces always put me at a standstill..... I know they aren't really hard, but i know once I start, there is no going back.... LOL. If any one has any tips to make it easier, please let me know.
The pattern I have used is a pattern by Paula Bureman of
Hidden In The Attic. She has some lovely primitive patterns. I dont usually DO primitive, but hey, nothing like stepping out of the box right....