Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Priscilla.... The Cloth Doll Assoc. of SA had a display at the Craft and Quilt Show in November this year. Our theme was 'musicals'. There are so many musicals to choose from, I chose "Priscilla Queen of The Desert" and yes, I know Priscilla is actually the name of the bus, but..... I have named my doll Priscilla. She likes it. I used the Stephanie pattern by Ann Clemens, and it was a fun pattern to make. Mind you I did have to make three dresses as Priscilla was just not happy with the first two I made... lol. I have had poeple tell me yes, she looks like Hugo Weavings character in the movie, others have said Guy Pierce is who she looks like.... hahaha Im not sure, but am very happy with how she turned out.

Well, end of the year nearly and I havent done good on my blog!!!!

So, looking back at 2010, and from when i first started my blog, I havent done a very good job, have I???!!! Ah well, what can I say, I have no real good excuses. So maybe I will make the decision to keep it going and get better at updating in 2011. Whats the saying... "if its meant to be, its upto me..."

I will add some pics of what I have done of late for you all to see, mind you, if you see me on facebook, you probably have seen them already... lol.

Wishing everyone in blog land a fantastic Merry Christmas and and awesome New Year.