Sunday, January 2, 2011


WOW, 2011 here we are..... I have made but one resolution this year, and that is to keep my blog up to date. Will see how we go, but will do my best.... hahaha (can hear a couple of people laughing out there).

I have managed to finish a couple of dolls that should have been done before Christmas, one was a Santa, and another a reindeer hobby horse for my nephew. Well the Santa, A Rhonda McGinnity design is done now, and all he needs is his 6 white boomers and his beer can sleigh and he will be ready for next Christmas.

The reindeer hobby horse is a pattern from Mary-Ann Hogan of he turned out really well, just need to secure his head a bit better this week, and he will be ready for my nephew, Mason, when I see him early next month.