Friday, September 2, 2011

I have not been good with keeping blogging....

I made a new years resolution.. that I would keep regu;ar updates on my blog..... who knewresolutions were a joke!!!!... LOL.
Well, I need to make a commitment to me now. Not just to blog, but blog about more than my crafts. I dont get alot of time to craft at the moment, and have been feeling pretty shitty about a lot of things. Maybe I will use my blog for useless rants that get me motivated and clear my mind of negativity. I dont care that it wont be ready by anyone.... I will feel more accountable to do things if I have blogged about it...
First thing I want to do, is concentrate on losing 5 - 10 kgs and toning up again. I felt so good about so many things when I arrived in Adelaide and was a mere size10 and 65kgs. Ok, I am now at 73kgs and NEED to get rid of some of this that is making me feel awful. Clothes are all feeling tight, need to get new shirts for work if I dont lose a couple quick.
This week, as today is my 17th wedding anniversary, and tomorrow is fathers day, I wont commit to start until Monday as I know the weekend will be full of drinks and temptation.
So, Monday alarm is already set for 6am...... treadmill will be my first port of call, followed by maybe some skipping, if I can find my rope. Michelle Bridges books are out, shopping list has been written.... all systems go!!