Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meet Priscilla.... The Cloth Doll Assoc. of SA had a display at the Craft and Quilt Show in November this year. Our theme was 'musicals'. There are so many musicals to choose from, I chose "Priscilla Queen of The Desert" and yes, I know Priscilla is actually the name of the bus, but..... I have named my doll Priscilla. She likes it. I used the Stephanie pattern by Ann Clemens, and it was a fun pattern to make. Mind you I did have to make three dresses as Priscilla was just not happy with the first two I made... lol. I have had poeple tell me yes, she looks like Hugo Weavings character in the movie, others have said Guy Pierce is who she looks like.... hahaha Im not sure, but am very happy with how she turned out.

Well, end of the year nearly and I havent done good on my blog!!!!

So, looking back at 2010, and from when i first started my blog, I havent done a very good job, have I???!!! Ah well, what can I say, I have no real good excuses. So maybe I will make the decision to keep it going and get better at updating in 2011. Whats the saying... "if its meant to be, its upto me..."

I will add some pics of what I have done of late for you all to see, mind you, if you see me on facebook, you probably have seen them already... lol.

Wishing everyone in blog land a fantastic Merry Christmas and and awesome New Year.

Friday, August 6, 2010


Well, yes, I have been very slack of late.... but not totally my fault. Spent a good two weeks in hospital with my youngest son. He got an abcess in his sinus near his eye, which grew with in hours to cause him to come very close to losing his eye. He had to have two surgeries, one to drain abcess, and another a week later to clear his sinus. Then he had allergic reaction to antibiotics and polyps in sinus which he is being tested for cystic fibrosis..... no history or other symptoms related to cystic fibrosis, so there is no real concern there, but still is a worry.
Then we get out of hospital and rest of family had started moving house..... which with school holidays and DH off work we were able to take a week to get out and into new house. It has taken us a few weeks to get the new place how we like it, but nearly there. David is constantly pottering and finding photos and pics to put up on walls which is great.

I now have a bigger sewing/crafting area LOVE it!!!! And just need to make more time to sit and do stuff. I have a few dolls floating around in my head which NEED to be created.... just have to make them, but have UFOs I need to finish and a few birthday pressies to finish for one of my groups, then will get into creating for me and a couple of upcoming shows.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother In Laws birthday present.... only a couple days late.

Well, I was at a loss about what to give my Mother In Law for her birthday this year, but as she has started candlewicking and will need a project carrier for her travelling, I thought one of these keepers would be perfect.
Ok, it was a last minute decision, and her birthday was last Sunday, and I havent yet given it to her....but it is done now! So, I will deliver it to her shortly and hopefully, she will like it. I found the link for this project on my good friend Khristina's freebie blog , it will send you to All Things Vintage blogspot.

Although this picture isnt real clear, I put a yoyo in one end of a post tube, this way the lid will be able to be opened and threads and needles may be able to be stored in side the tube for the relevant project. The opposite end is a pin cushion, which is always useful.
I woke Sunday morning and was like a woman possessed,.... I had made a decision in my sleep and I was making this stitchery keeper. Then the realisation that it needed to be completed by 11.30am.... well, you guessed it, I had to give a IOU.... Shame on me... LOL. But, I made a start and as a bonus, I had ALL the supplies here in my stash, so I didnt even have to go buy anything new. I love it when I have the perfect "stuff" at hand. I got it basically done, well cut out and quilted by 11.30 Sunday, but finally finished it off by gluing in the yoyo and pincushion this morning... yay!!!!!! Okay, off to deliver it now.

Okay, now what will I be making next??? Oh I do believe I am ready to make another 'artsy fartsy' doll now.... LOL.. It has been a while.

My little cat family.

Ok, here are the cat family I am working on at the moment.... has been a week or two now. All I need to do is paint the back of the mumma cat and give them all faces..... Faces always put me at a standstill..... I know they aren't really hard, but i know once I start, there is no going back.... LOL. If any one has any tips to make it easier, please let me know.
The pattern I have used is a pattern by Paula Bureman of
Hidden In The Attic. She has some lovely primitive patterns. I dont usually DO primitive, but hey, nothing like stepping out of the box right....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Touching Base....

Well, I have no pics today, but that doesnt mean I have been idle. I have had abusy week doing the normal mundane stuff..... ie ironing, vacuuming, etc. But took Friday off to do some sewing, by now, my family knows Friday is sewing day, so leave me be... LOL. Doesnt mean they do, but yesterday I achieved from wo to nearly go a swap project for a group I am on..... As Naomi, and Khris may pop by and check my blog, I can not show the project in question as it MAY be for one of them... LOL......
I will take photos however of the cats I am making, just need to wait for the clouds to clear so I can get some good light. The cats are not quite finished, have more painting to do yet, and need to give them faces.... faces always scare me...... but will give it ago soon..... so as they are WIPs, I will try get a photo of the progress.
Home life is giving me the irates at the moment, so it is good that I can occasionally hide away and lose myself in my crafting, I am sure you all know what this is like.
Well, thats it for now, off to the grocery store to buy some food.... boring!!!!! But as there are extra kids here tonight, being Saturday, I guess I should have some food for them. Cleaned the fridge this mornign and the old mother hubbard would be proud.... it is BARE!!!
Have a GREAT weekend everybodeeeeee

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and then there were two......

Well, Finished my second DeeDee dolphin.... so want to call it DooDoo, but it tells me his name is Donny. So what can I do... LOL... meet DeeDee's brother Donny.
I found the second dolphin so much easier than the first one, but isnt that always the way. You make one, find out what does and doesnt work for you and then make more once you get the pattern sorted. I may make more, I may not, but am happy to have these two completed.
My next project is a pattern from Hidden In the Attic. It is a prim pattern of a mother cat and her kittens. Will see how it goes and IF i can get it looking half as good as the original, I will be happy. The painting does worry me a bit tho, maybe calling out for help from someone if I get stuck. Wish me luck. I also have a pile of UFOs that a screaming to get finished, maybe I should work on those first..... Oh what a dilemma.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wearing L plates in blogland

Ok here goes nothing..... sitting here with my pal Naomi who has talked me into starting my own blog...... So now, here goes...... hmmm what will I blog about???? My latest creation maybe..... This week I made DeeDee the dolphin, some one was kind enough to get on my case about making this dolphin, that I though I would get it done before said friend came to visit today. So, a design of 'Melly and Me' is Dee Dee the dolphin.