Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Well, so much for being regular at blogging.... I am so NOT good at this. It certainly doesnt help when you have a husband who gets shitty everytime I look at the computer of everytime i pick up the iphone..... can I blog from my iphone?? That is something i have not tried or thought about before.
I dont know if I will be any more succesful this time around, but it is really only me who it bothers... I dont expect anyone would be interested in what i have to say anyways.
Do people put on blogs the dramas of life? I am, at the moment going through some stuff that I wonder if I write about it, it will be clearer in my head and then I think no, it is too personal to put up out here...... maybe i need another blog that is annonymous that no one knows me, but that I can write everything on???? HMMMM maybe an option......

This year, so far, I have started cleaning out some rubbish from my cupboards and hope to continue clearing out anything in my life that doesnt make me happy..... "If it doesn't bring a smile.... I will throw it a mile......"

OK, this is the first of hopefully MANY posts for the year 2012........


  1. Feel free to email me if you want to get anything off your chest hun. Looking forward to seeing more pics of things you get to make :o) Hugs Nomes xxx

  2. Hmmmmmm it's almost half way through May, and I'm still waiting for ALL these blog posts you promised to try and do! Hop off Facebook and post something once in a while, so we know you still do some sewing! Hugs Nomes