Tuesday, April 13, 2010

and then there were two......

Well, Finished my second DeeDee dolphin.... so want to call it DooDoo, but it tells me his name is Donny. So what can I do... LOL... meet DeeDee's brother Donny.
I found the second dolphin so much easier than the first one, but isnt that always the way. You make one, find out what does and doesnt work for you and then make more once you get the pattern sorted. I may make more, I may not, but am happy to have these two completed.
My next project is a pattern from Hidden In the Attic. It is a prim pattern of a mother cat and her kittens. Will see how it goes and IF i can get it looking half as good as the original, I will be happy. The painting does worry me a bit tho, maybe calling out for help from someone if I get stuck. Wish me luck. I also have a pile of UFOs that a screaming to get finished, maybe I should work on those first..... Oh what a dilemma.....


  1. Welcome to Blogland!

    Beautiful dolphins! They both look so cute. I have the pattern and would like to try it if I had the time!lol.


  2. Wow, you've become a machine! Donny looks cute too, but prefer the first one...well derr that could be coz of the colour of her. Up to 15 followers...woo hoo you go girl. Nah work on the mother and her kittens and then start on the pile of UFO's and that way I can choose which ones I want...once they're finished that is...lol Keep up the good work....once you've finished cleaning windows of course! Hugs Naomi

  3. cute, cute, cute...I need to make one of these as well.....cant miss out on all the fun hey...just ignore Naomi about followers..lol... Blog because you want to and enjoy doing it...not because you are worried about how many followers you or anybody else has....hugs Khris

  4. Super cool Dee Dee and her brother Donny.

    I had trouble with the first one - I didn't make a second, maybe I should?

    Hey, welcome to cyberspace, something else to do instead of finishing the UFO's. (They'll wait!)

  5. Love him Mardi, great job, another to put on my to do list

  6. Cough Cough, you're getting slack Mards.....have you fallen off the blog band wagon already? Bad girl! Hugs Naomi

  7. Looking good Mardi!
    Soon you will be ready to set up mine :)