Friday, April 23, 2010

Touching Base....

Well, I have no pics today, but that doesnt mean I have been idle. I have had abusy week doing the normal mundane stuff..... ie ironing, vacuuming, etc. But took Friday off to do some sewing, by now, my family knows Friday is sewing day, so leave me be... LOL. Doesnt mean they do, but yesterday I achieved from wo to nearly go a swap project for a group I am on..... As Naomi, and Khris may pop by and check my blog, I can not show the project in question as it MAY be for one of them... LOL......
I will take photos however of the cats I am making, just need to wait for the clouds to clear so I can get some good light. The cats are not quite finished, have more painting to do yet, and need to give them faces.... faces always scare me...... but will give it ago soon..... so as they are WIPs, I will try get a photo of the progress.
Home life is giving me the irates at the moment, so it is good that I can occasionally hide away and lose myself in my crafting, I am sure you all know what this is like.
Well, thats it for now, off to the grocery store to buy some food.... boring!!!!! But as there are extra kids here tonight, being Saturday, I guess I should have some food for them. Cleaned the fridge this mornign and the old mother hubbard would be proud.... it is BARE!!!
Have a GREAT weekend everybodeeeeee


  1. Darn it, popped over for a squizz at your "mystery" project, but alas, you're holding out on us....lmao And the pics of the cats are???? lol Hugs Naomi

  2. ohhh you party could have just shown a sneak peak or Khris

  3. LOL,,,, sorry gals... you will have to wait til later in the year... hahaha.